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Ufone Upgrades its Retailer Network Cloud-based Solution
Author : Usman
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LMKT is working closely with Ufone on transitioning the company’s existing biometric based retailer’s portal to a new and enhanced cloud based solution. The recent collaboration with Ufone is a continuation of LMKT’s long-running partnership with the leading telecom operator of Pakistan. Once fully deployed, LMKT’s Retailer’s Portal will afford Ufone with watertight security and effective compliance across its nation-wide retail network.

Some of the key features of LMKT’s cloud-based Retailer’s Portal include disowning subscribers; mobile number portability; biometric re-verification; PTCL verification and; mobile financial services integration among others.

The system also comes bundled with a powerful reporting module that offers actionable insights to retailers and other stakeholders. A centralized data repository and business intelligence module will quickly allow retailers to spot any bottlenecks and areas of improvements thus allowing them to remedy issues before they affect other areas of the business.

The Retailer’s Portal will be used by Ufone’s nation-wide retail network including franchise owners and any points of sales that are registered as authorized Ufone retailers. The system will not only allow Ufone’s administration to keep track of all its retailers in real-time but will also enable retailers with improved visibility across the value chain and enhanced inventory monitoring throughout its lifecycle. LMKT’s Retailer’s Portal has been customized for Ufone with a view to improve profitability, efficiency and effectively meeting the needs of demanding customers.

The cloud-based platform is an extension of LMKT’s experience with today’s retailer and the ever-increasing importance of customer experience in a highly competitive market. The combination of a cloud-based, real-time system with an effective customer engagement strategy will enable Ufone’s retail network to outperform single-channel competitors.

LMKT’s system is expected to be fully deployed and functional in Q3 2017. LMKT and Ufone have partnered on a number of projects in the past including integrated security management initiatives and various CRM projects.