Cambit Services

CAMBIT is one of the top leading solutions in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry of Pakistan. Customized GIS Solutions have been provided to our client by our highly-professional team of experts. Our team builds a strong framework for generating spatial information and integrates it with our client’s business strategies. As we believe in integrity so our team develops the best and most suitable solutions for our client. According to the requirement of our client, we provide different solutions from data preparation, mapping, Geo-database designing and GIS application development to the implementation of full scale system integration system for enterprise. Our custom designed GIS solutions and services will help you to unlock the power of your business. The market for Meter Data Management (MDM) is growing. Smart meter roll outs are increasing and utilities are bombarded with unprecedented volumes of data. This data can be used to improve customer relationships, utility operations and business intelligence. An MDM system provides long term data storage and management for the vast quantities of data delivered by smart metering systems. This data primarily consists of usage information and events, imported from the head end servers that manage data collection in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), or Automatic meter reading systems (AMR).

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

While the population of the world is growing exponentially, the land available to accommodate the same remains limited. In fact, it is shrinking in size with every passing day. Urbanization is the new menace the environment is fighting with. Humans are actively engaging in encroachment of the lands for the wild, but still, the problem of suitable living conditions for all prevails. The need of the hour is not just urbanization but smart urbanization; to plan urban development smartly so as to accommodate more in less, and that too nicely and efficiently. GIS is deployed at every stage of planning and development of a Smart City. The underlying framework is served by ICT (Information and Communications Technologies), while the focus is on the ‘spatial’ or GIS. The common platform operates through all stages of the life cycle – from modeling, planning, building to managing – across the full spectrum of functionalities. CAMBIT provides you platform for the better smart cities solutions integrated with GIS. Comprehensive Unified Threat Management solution to perform multiple security functions using a single platform. High performance firewall and intrusion prevention solutions to provide secure access to data resources and protection against known and unknown threats. Policy-based access control and identity-aware networking solution. Standard solution for multi-factor authentication system. Compliance with government and industry regulatory requirements. Policy enforcement solution for virtualized environments to enhance security at VM level. Secure mobility solution to access the network anytime, anywhere from any device. Flexible web application security solution to address emerging threats at the application level. Complete email security solution, proxy, caching and web filtering. Data loss prevention solution covering endpoints and network. Security management solution that collects, analyses and correlates network, security, and compliance data.

Disaster Management

In Disaster Management GIS has always played a vital role, CAMBIT is determined to play its role towards the management of Natural Disasters and to save countless valuable lives. CAMBIT has also designed a warning system for Glacial Lakes Outburst Floods (GLOF) by monitoring outburst vulnerability lakes on near real time data of Satellite imageries by using Support Vector Machine Classification for glacial lakes.


GIS plays an important role in crop management and crop monitoring, Pakistan being an agriculture country depending economically mostly on its agriculture exports. Therefore, CAMBIT is determined to make crop management more efficient by using the advance techniques of Remote Sensing and GIS. CAMBIT’s GIS System have mapped all the major crops of Kansas State of the USA for the year 2013 and are working to map all the Crop Data layer (CDL) of Pakistan which we plan to update on the yearly basis.The core knowledge chain for our GIS solutions is formed by state-of-the-art technology facilities, along with a variety of ArcGIS platforms and GIS test beds. Just about every problem and situation has a location aspect. Whether it’s for the government or an enterprise, location based intelligence is the first step towards better and smarter decision making. We let you unlock the power of location for your business with our custom designed GIS solutions and services.

Forest Management

Forest management planning in CAMBIT involves making predictions about what the future forest will look like relative to alternative management activities. This ability is crucial to nearly all aspects of management forecasting, particularly long term wood and wildlife supply. CAMBIT’s GIS System stores both the geographic and numerical structure of the forest stands and links that spatial database to the planning models. It allows the manager to effectively add both the important temporal and spatial dimensions to the management planning process. Within the limits of the inventory and model, the manager can then map what the forest will look like in 5,10, 25, or 100 years in the future. Components involved are: • Map production • Fire management • Harvest Planning • Resource Management

GIS in Telecom

CAMBIT are pioneers in geographic information systems (GIS) in Pakistan and offer an array of related services to leading telecom companies in the country. CAMBIT’s GIS solutions for telecom industry aim to provide a common platform for integrating information across departments. These solutions create convenience for decision makers in examining work processes, while incorporating external data such as demographics and market trends. Moreover, tools for quantitative analysis and visualization help to systematically model, measure, and visualize issues in network planning and engineering, marketing and sales, and customer care departments

Application Development

While there are many powerful and reliable GIS applications in the market, the cost, training and product limitations can be a source of concern for large enterprises. Being mindful of the specific, and often repetitive, usage of a GIS application, CAMBIT offers customized GIS application development. CAMBIT has deep expertise in developing enterprise solutions using cutting edge technologies. One of our specializations is developing GIS based mobile, web and desktop applications. We are also expert in developing modern cross platform mobile applications for conducting complex surveys and analytical dashboards for monitoring them

GIS and Data Management

CAMBIT helps incorporate GIS into their business processes to improve efficiency and cut costs. We fully embrace the GIS technology transfer process to engage clients' staff as we work together to meet requirements and schedules.