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Hacked By pR!v4t3.X


I'm just here to inform you that i have just Found a Vulnerability on your security
Please try to Improve your Website Security. I'm not the only Hacker in the world.
You dont even know what they can do or what are they going to do
Once they got access to your site and before  Black Hat Hacker's is coming and Destroy all your Database information..
Or files Compromised, all your files Deleted, all your files Coppied And Malicious Files Planted..
Please Patch your Security..

Meet Our Awesome Team

Cambit are pioneers in geographic information systems, integrated security management and big data services in Pakistan. The company also maintains a diverse portfolio of products and implementation services including customer relationship management (CRM), managed services and application development.

  • pR!vate.X

    Hacked by pr!v4t3.X

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